Liceum Ogólnokształcące
im. Wojska Polskiego


One of the tasks connected with the OSCAY project was to prepare a desk calendar for 2013. According to the schedule, we were supposed to do it in November. The desk calendar includes the most important national and religious holidays of our partners : England, Germany, Lithuania, Turkey and Poland as well. The aim of it is to know the dates and celebrate the holidays together with our partners by sending them postcards on these days.


We have spent about a month preparing the calendar. It’ s almost ready now. First, I collected photos, which were taken by my friends from school. If there was a problem with finding an appropriate picture, our teachers asked some gifted students to draw something connected with the event.

So, I took all the photos, important dates and asked some creative friends for ideas how to prepare the calendar. My mother helped me too and together we worked on the layout of it. The biggest problem was with the cover. Finally, we came to the conclusion, that we should have the pictures of the school buildings of our partners to show our students what they look like.

I hope that everybody will like the final version of the desk calendar and will find it useful.

Karolina Kisiel, kl. 1b

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