Liceum Ogólnokształcące
im. Wojska Polskiego


Evaluation of OSCAY project September - December 2012 by Karolina Kisiel

1.What did you learn about Multilateral Comenius project-OSCAY 2012-2014 while taking part in the OSCAY School Logo Competition? September 2012)
I am not talented enough to take part in Logo Competition.


2. Did you enrich your knowledge about our Comenius partners from the presentations and theme days on their culture and traditions? In what way?(October 2012)
Yes, I did. I learned a lot about our partners especially about their traditional food, about the most famous places and monuments, places worth visiting. I took part in preparing a presentation about one of our partners - Turkey

3.What do you think of visiting Animal Shelter in Józefów? ( November 2012)
It was a wonderful experience for me. I visited it with other students from my school. We collected some food, blankets and we went there on Saturday. We spent there a few hours, we took the dogs for walks and we gave them food which we had brought with us.

4. Did your trip to Animal Shelter raise your awareness of social responsibilities?
Yes, it did. I realized that there are a lot of such places in Poland and there are lots of animals in need and it is people’s duty to take care of them and help.

5. How did you benefit from The First OSCAY Meeting in Lithuania ? ( November 2012)
Unfortunately, I wasn’t there.

6. What do you think about the action of writing letters for Amnesty International? (December2012)
I took part in this action together with some students from my class. We wrote a letter to save one of the members of the band Pusy Riots. I think that the more people think about such people the bigger the chance to help them is.

7.Do you think that such actions can be useful?
Yes, I do. If we show that ordinary people care , there is a chance to release someone from prison.

8. What do you think of the presentation about Human Rights? (December2012
It was very useful. I think that people in general don’t know too much about their rights.

9. Did you learn about Human rights after watching the presentation ?
Yes, I did. It was really interesting, especially the short sketches prepared by our friends.

10. What do you think of the trip to the houses of Children in need? (December-January 2012)
I took part in collecting money for the gifts, and when I saw in the photos that so many children very happy because of these presents, I felt so proud of all the students from our school who didn’t want to buy presents for themselves but for poor people who needed them more.


Evaluation of our work (January - April 2013)

Did your visit to the houses of Children in need raise your awareness of social responsibilities?

Yes, it did.

2. More people should be informed about social injustice. If they knew, they would definitely try to help.

3 .What is your personal opinion on blood donation? ( February2013)

For me it is really great that we can help ill people or even save them from death.

4. Do you think that such actions are really necessary?

Yes, I do. I think that they are the most important of all the possible actions to help.

5. What do you expect from the Germany trip, The Second OSCAY Meeting? (March 2013) What are your suggestions?

I hope to meet a lot of new friends, see what life is like in another country

6. What do you think of visiting different organizations in Berlin?

It was really great to see how it works in Germany and compare it with visits to different organizations in Poland.

7. Did your visit to the organization raise your awareness of social responsibilities?

I think so.

8. What do you think about the school contest promoting self- confidence? (March 2013)

It was a very necessary action. I think that teenagers today are not self-confident enough. So we should do our best to change this situation.

9. Do you feel that working on this Comenius project help you to be more tolerant and open to differences? In what way, if so?

I think that working on the project is a great chance to make new friends in different countries. To know more about these countries and what is more important to practice English and realize that knowing languages is the most important thing in life.

10.Do you believe that this Comenius project can make a difference in terms of our attitude to social responsibilities?

As for me it can make a big difference. Thanks to it we realize that we are not the only ones living on the Earth. There are also other, sometimes poor people or animals who need our help.

Karolina Kisiel, kl.1b