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Evaluation of OSCAY project September - December 2012 by Alicja Prus

1. What did you learn about Multilateral Comenius project-OSCAY 2012-2014 while taking part in the OSCAY School Logo Competition? September 2012)


I got to know which countries are taking part in this Comenius project and also learnt how to draw Comenius partners’ flags.

2. Did you enrich your knowledge about our Comenius partners from the presentations and theme days on their culture and traditions? In what way?(October 2012)

Yes, it was a main source of my knowledge. I listened to my friends talking about different countries, tried traditional dishes, watched multimedia presentations and learnt single words in each language.

3. What do you think of visiting Animal Shelter in Józefów? ( November 2012)

I think that visiting Animal Shelter was unforgettable experience – it wasn’t anything pleasant but I saw how irresponsible people are.
4. Did your trip to Animal Shelter raise your awareness of social responsibilities?

Yes, now I know that we ought to help homeless animals and even if we don’t want to help them personally, we should just take them to shelters where others will take care of them.

5. How did you benefit from The First OSCAY Meeting in Lithuania ? ( November 2012)
I wasn’t there.
6. What do you think about the action of writing letters for Amnesty International? (December2012)

I think it’s really nice to help other people, especially when it’s as simple as writing a letter.

7. Do you think that such actions can be useful?

Of course, they can be useful because even ordinary young people like us show that they don’t agree with an injustice and try to help innocent victims of breaking human rights to start their lives from the beginning.

8. What do you think of the presentation about “ Human Rights”? (December2012)

It’s necessary to show young people global problems so I think the presentation was a good way to open our minds.

9. Did you learn about human rights after watching the presentation ?

I learnt a lot about law regulations connected with human rights in my country and also in the world. Now I know where I can go to react to various situations.

10. What do you think of the trip to the houses of Children in need? (Dec.-Jan. 2012)

I think it’s not easy for everybody to visit these places but we shouldn’t be cowards and pretend that we don’t see the problem. Going to the houses of Children in need is a first step to increase our consciousness.


Evaluation of our work (January - April 2013)

Did your visit to the houses of Children in need raise your awareness of social responsibilities?

Yes, it was a beneficial lesson for the future. It’s important to experience such visit oneself. Now I know we should get involved in different operations because it’s possible for us to help other people in need. All we need is our good will.

What could be done to raise awareness of social responsibilities? What are your suggestions?

I think a good way is doing such projects at school, organising trips to orphanages, shelters etc., showing presentations and just discuss.

What is your personal opinion on blood donation? ( February2013)

To be honest, I’m not brave enough to donate blood but I really look up to people who take part in such actions because it saves others health and lives.

Do you think that such actions are really necessary?

They are necessary because sometimes nobody can help, just we. I mean that people should cooperate with each other because it’s the only way to exist in this world.

5 .What do you expect from the Germany trip, The Second OSCAY Meeting? (March 2013) What are your suggestions?

I would like to meet a lot of young people, talk to them, deal our experience, visit important places and get to know more about voluntary organisations in Berlin.

6. What do you think of visiting different organizations in Berlin?

In my opinion it’s great that we had a possibility to talk to very generous and positive persons face to face about their disinterested help and commitment to support others.

7. Did your visit to the organization raise your awareness of social responsibilities?

Yes, because we could have listened to stories of real people.

8. What do you think about the school contest promoting self- confidence? (March 2013)

It is important in this modern world to be self-confident, we should practice this feature and this contest was a great occasion to do that.

99. Do you feel that working on this Comenius project help you to be more tolerant and open to differences? In what way, if so?

Yes, I’m sure about that because I’ve met a lot of people from different countries, I’ve found out some facts about their culture and history, worked with them in groups and now I know that they are the same young people like everyone – with dreams, sense of humour and especially hearts pleased to help.

10. Do you believe that this Comenius project can make a difference in terms of our attitude to social responsibilities?

Yes, I believe that. I see that me and the rest of my friends taking part in this project are less indifferent than earlier.