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One says 'Commitment to great causes makes great men'. True? Should we stand up for our believes and values no matter what? Moral courage has both advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, commitment to great causes helps us build personality. When you defend your values, you strengthen your character. It affects your confidence, perception of surroundings and many other aspects of humanity. Secondly, when you stand up for great aims, you can improve the world. When people follow their believes, which are right and don't make any harm to anybody, they can be heard and add value to creating better reality around them. Finally, people can become more independent. I mean, when you stand up for right believes, you immunize yourself against any negatives. If moral courage is your nature, you won't be influenced by wrong cases.

On the other hand, moral courage requires self-confidence. You never know if you will be accepted by others. You must be confident about your causes and most importantly about yourself. Even more, actions related to moral courage can bring danger on you. You can easily be misunderstood, what causes humiliation or even physical harm because not everyone is tolerant and some people use language of violence. Also, if you do something against the law to protect your values, you can be accused and even go to prison if your action was dangerous.

All in all, moral courage may be controversial, but I believe commitment to great causes really does make sense and great men. We should stand up for our believes and fight for them as long as it is legal and doesn’t do any harm to someone else.

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