Liceum Ogólnokształcące
im. Wojska Polskiego


Nowadays a lot of people have moral courage in everyday situations. It is becoming more and more popular to help others because people understand that they can make a difference. Some people think that it is a good idea while others claim just the opposite. It has both advantages and disadvantages.
The main argument for moral courage is that people can really help each other. Instead of doing nothing, everyone may give a hand to someone who needs help. We will live in a better place and feel safer because of such people. According to experts, people should have moral courage and fight for human rights. The more commitment to great causes we show, the greater men we become. For example, when we see someone who is cruel to another person in the street or in a different place, we should react and try to defend this human being.
On the other hand, helping people might be dangerous. Firstly, people are sometimes really cruel and ruthless. Many people do not have any rules. They can behave like animals, use violence or even kill an innocent person. What is more, an offender may start fighting against people who want to help the victim.
To sum up, there are both benefits and drawbacks of moral courage in everyday life. To my mind, people should have moral courage, but they must be careful at the same time. When we want to help someone who needs us, we ought to think first and realize the consequences.

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