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”Commitment to great causes makes great men”. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of moral courage in everyday life.

Nowadays, everybody is looking for his or her own comfort without seeing others problems. It is hard to come across honest people who live according to moral courage in everyday life. It requires rising above the apathy and cynicism in social divisions and cultural differences but it is also bravery to admit a mistake. Such way of living has both benefits and risks.

Moral courage has a number of advantages. First of all, you do good acts for entirety and take care of the needy. For example you report a crime if you are a witness. Secondly, you feel you are alive and not passive. Your mood is better and you get on well with others. What is more, people are grateful for your activity and advocating their issues.

On the other hand, this attitude means sacrifice. You are focused on good causes and you do not have enough time to relax. For instance, you help old woman to carry her shopping bags even if you are late for important meeting. Moreover, some people reproach you because you endanger them. For example, you want to change some rules for negative for cheaters so they attack you.

To sum it up, moral courage has many advantages but also some disadvantages. In my opinion, making the world better is worth some abnegations. Commitment to great causes makes great men if only you do not do it to show off and show your friends that you are generous. There are a lot of examples we should follow as Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King who risked their lives to make it more fair and equal.

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